PLEN: Women and Congress

Jacqueline networking

Meet Jacqueline Landry! A major in political science and economics, she attended the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) seminar on Women and Congress.

Describe yourself and why you wanted to attend the PLEN conference:

I was interested in attending the PLEN conference because I am graduating this semester, and I’m still not sure exactly what path I want my career to take. I heard from peers who had attended previous conferences that PLEN calmed their fears about not having a specific path in mind, and taught them the skills they needed for postgrad success in Washington, such as networking and salary negotiation.

What were your favorite parts of the conference?

The most rewarding part of the conference was the opportunity to meet women from every facet of the policymaking process and learning about their perspectives and the paths they took to their current positions. It was a great comfort and inspiration to meet so many successful women who had taken varied and often winding paths to their current posts, and to hear them express their willingness to help other young women find their way as well! The conference made me realize that there is no one straight path to success, and that there are many people who will help you along your way.

Highlight a speaker or a job site you visited:

One of the most immediately beneficial speakers was Ms. Perleoni, who taught us the specifics of how to network in the political world. I had always been told to “network, network, network!” but she gave us a step-by-step guide to how that process actually works. Now I can take the advice everyone has been giving me!

What’s something you learned that you hope to never forget?

I hope to never forget that supporting other women is crucial in making the world a more equitable place. Any success I have in life will be largely due to the countless women who have gone out of their way to support me, and it is my honor and responsibility to pay that forward.

Why should other students attend a PLEN conference?

PLEN gives you the skills, networks, and confidence you need to approach a career in public policy. There is nothing else like it.


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