First Week Update!

My quick one-month internship at the Network for Victim Recovery started last week, and I’ve already learned so much! Here’s my first briefing (some tips and moments):

  1. First things first, don’t choose to break in a new pair of leather shoes on your first day at an internship. I learned this the hard way.
  2. On a lighter note, I’m finishing my project quicker than anyone anticipated. This gives me time to present the virtual privacy guide in multiple formats: presentation, packet, visual handout. Additionally, I’m taking my extra time to do more shadowing.
  3. On my first day, I got to go the the courthouse and watch a sexual assault trial. I’m so grateful this organization is giving me the opportunity to shadow lawyers even though I’m not technically a legal intern.
  4. Today I sat in as one of the staff attorneys prepped a witness with practice questions, granting me insight not only into the formal legal procedures, but the informal ones as well.
  5. While I’m becoming increasingly interested in this area of law and advocacy, I’m also recognizing the emotional impact this kind of job can have on staff. I think if I ever want to follow a career in victim advocacy I would have to stick to a pretty strict self-care regimen. So, naturally, I’ve taken up yoga!
  6. This morning I went to a presentation on an overview of what the Network for Victim Recovery does and learned more about the history of victims’ rights. With a broader understanding of the network my project is contributing to, I’m extremely motivated to create a guide with lasting impact while I’m here. My next challenge: presenting my work and convincing my coworkers of its alleged “lasting impact” at next Friday’s staff meeting. Wish me luck!



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